Important communication:

The project is currently suspended for an indefinite period. The COVID pandemic has caused a global shortage of semiconductors that has put thousands of companies out of business and prevented the production of millions of electronic devices.

Major car brands are unable to offer hundreds of thousands of customers the options they ordered, smartphones are becoming increasingly expensive, and the InstaDreamer team cannot compete with large multinationals in terms of buying power.

For all these reasons, and because the company has continued to have to cover its operating expenses, the company's finances are no longer able to keep this project alive. As we cannot provide any guarantees for the future, we have decided to publish all the work done by the company. It should be remembered that the product is finished, all that remains is to produce it. 

The hardware has been made, the products work and have been tested by our teams, the software has been fully developed and debugged. All the efforts made represent hundreds of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours of work.

All of this is now delivered to you for free. Anyone, even a competing company, can take the work done, create the product and market it. We are offering InstaDreamer to the public, it is now a product that belongs to everyone (Access here).

We thank all the people who have funded the development of this product and believed in the project, all those who have sent us messages of support and who understand that the last few years have been merciless for many entrepreneurs.

On request and with a reasoned e-mail, we can also send you an audit of the company's accounts, to demonstrate our good faith and that the funds have been used wisely. 

We wish you sweet dreams...

The InstaDreamer Team

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