About Us

imgWe are a Swiss Start-up (NeuroSearch Sàrl) based in Le Bouveret, Switzerland.

Our goal is to make Lucid Dreaming as easy as possible, that’s why we created InstaDreamer, the first ever device that makes Lucid Dreaming easy for anyone!

What is a lucid dream?
When we are in the so-called “REM sleep” phase and we are conscious of dreaming, when we can take control of our dreams. This is “lucid dreaming”… the problem is that it is very difficult to trigger this process. There are already various devices on the market deisgned to provoke these controlled dreams, but they are often uncomfortable, send sound or light signals and tend to wake you up, which is not the intended purpose.

Take control of your dreams
The InstaDreamer bracelet will propel you into a world where you can control your dreams, making absolutely anything possible. InstaDreamer is the first to use Pavlovian conditioning via subtle vibrations to train your brain to recognize when you’re dreaming in order to achieve vivid, lucid dreams. The InstaDreamer band, which is fully adjustable and comfortable, will not disrupt your sleep. It doubles as a health and sleep tracker that measures your sleep quality throughout the night.

VibraSmart™ Conditioning Technology
VibraSmart™ technology, based off of Pavlovian Conditioning, sends gentle vibrations to your wrist that condition you to check whether or not you’re dreaming throughout the day. During the night, you will feel your arm vibrate inside your dream, which will propel you, instantly, into a lucid dream.

Discreet and Fully Adjustable Band
Unlike other lucid dreaming solutions, the InstaDreamer bracelet does not use light or sound, which would disturb you or your partner throughout the night and decrease your chances of achieving lucid dreaming. Simply wear the adjustable band just as you would wear your fitness tracker.

Silent, Vibrating Alarm
Wake up fully refreshed because InstaDreamer analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes you up during your lightest sleep of your desired wake-up period. The silent alarm also allows you to wake up without disturbing your partner.